Season of altering

Cut and paste out the shapes

Not sure how to fit in the jigsaw puzzle

Some maneuvering required

Thinking outside the box

It won’t look as I desired

Maybe better, maybe worse,

may even hurt

It will require patience beyond me

To settle in this season of altering

(C) 2019. No Shrinking Violet.  All Rights Reserved.


My brain is on fire

Enflamed in activity

Full of neurons,  bouncing erratically

I feel its heat, burning my scalp

I want my mind on calm

Hippocampus to recall moments

Time and space, hours engraved

Where they used to be

I need to seek rest

Quiet in the process

Little bits of peace

Quench the flaming fire

Engulfing my brain

Feel the silence and be still

Enjoy the moments unplugged

From overtaxing my senses

Though I feel restless

I have to slow down and breathe

(C) 2019. No Shrinking Violet.  All Rights Reserved.




Thunderstorms and lightning

Brilliant bolts flashing in my head

Waiting for the storm to roll on by

It is awestruck wonderment

A zig zag of bright stars

Of bold stripes, of heated light

It is fast moving, arcs of ultraviolet

Intense red and blue

Pulsating through my brain

I wonder, as I wait for it to go on

The intensity astounding

Heightened awareness of everything

And yet, I am frozen

I am still, I am trying to blink

But it goes and in a daze

Exit this purple haze

(C) 2019. No Shrinking Violet. All Rights Reserved.

I am in a type of prison

Whose walls are not concrete

It is five feet tall, 6 inches high

With barriers you cannot see

It binds up with an electric current

Jolted to a strange voltage

It is hard to escape the bounds of it

Yet I reside in it faithfully

As a bird in a cage sings

So I sing, blues, soul, rock and roll

Gospel and r and b too

All dependent on the tune

Harbored inside my heart

A bird in the cage sings

cause it knows it has wings to fly

In the night and dawn

Weak and strong

No matter the adversity

A secret which keeps on singing

(C) 2019. No Shrinking Violet.  All Rights Reserved.



Another strand of violet

Another strand of grey

Woven in the fabric of life

I sign the lease for another month

In the Valley of Adversity

Settle my tools, dig in the earth

Scrape down to my roots

Begin my work anew

Something beautiful comes of this

I rise above as the Phoenix did

The ashes come, time to mourn

Lament and yet I sing

Yet I sing

(C) 2019. No Shrinking Violet.  All Rights Reserved.


I reside in disability world

Walking across its universe

I get its ideas and way of life

Cross into able land and try to translate at times

But I fail to grasp the straws

Feeling like a lost cause

I am underseen and overwhelmed

I wish you had a way to speak it

Emphasize the words ane mean them

Whisper the truth aloud for all to hear

(C) 2019. No Shrinking Violet.  All Rights Reserved.

Early dawn, awakens in a song

I draw the curtains back

Start fresh, eyes open

Taking in the day

Sun shining, the clouds above my head

It is bluest skies

I come to life, singing hope

Heart at peace

Tranquility is never easy

But worth the fight

When you strive long enough

Run far enough, you make it worth the time

(C) 2019. No Shrinking Violet.  All Rights Reserved.

I live on in a shell

Pretend I am well

All is fine, a mask of denial

Inside I hide my disaster

My breaking glass

The plaster cast of emotion

Enthralled by an ocean of pain

I wear it so well

An award for performance goes to me

Hiding in my eyes,my voice and smile

I fake it until the camera quits rolling

As if surveillance will catch me

being real to myself

My wounds so deeply embedded

I hold on to the shards

No wonder I would rather keep the pain

Than free my heart again

It costs more to release

Than keep playing on

But I need to leave it alone

And be at home with my heartbreak

Scream it out until I can feel alive


(C) 2019. No Shrinking Violet.  All Rights Reserved


If I could build my brain to restoration

Test its limits and have the infinite rise

If memory weren’t so elusive

Maybe then I’d cease to forget

the essential pieces matter

And not cling to foolish things

But I have an eraser buffering away

The little bits I want to keep

And remaining are the inane

Oh but I must ingrain

The essential on my mind

So my heart can sing

The words well recited in childhood

To rock me to sleep in its lullaby

(C) 2019. No Shrinking Violet. All Rights Reserved.


Still sorting through the mess

The straggly pieces left unsaid

The bits and bobs, the lonely hours

Taken for granted

I am not doing a great job

Representing myself out there

I attempt and often fail

keep running to a space on the wall

Marked for somewhere

A space in my hall

Maybe it will have a room for me

To linger and dream

For someday to be seen

(C) 2019 No Shrinking Violet.  All Rights Reserved.