Rare gem

Full of vibrancy you are one in a trillion

Lovely diamond made in difficult times

Treasure trove of hope

You’re never defined by circumstances

Cherish your ability to soar in trouble

Never shortchanged your worth

Faithful friend

(C) 2018, No Shrinking Violet.  All Rights Reserved.


Here is to the sun

Beating its brow

As the warmth of breath falls to earth

And few drops trickle

Wind breathing its few gusts

A new song to gently rock the world

A makeshift lullaby

(C) 2018 No Shrinking Violet,  All Rights Reserved.

Pressure points,stick one and pickle too

Acute senses pushing in molecules

Across my neurons

A diverse stream of colorful needlepoint

Intricate design diversely spun

(C) 2018 No Shrinking Violet. All Rights Reserved.

My mind is racing out of bounds

I need a moment to calm down

Sensations cause my vision to cloud

I can’t see a thing but a blurb of nothing

Stop the pulsing arhythmically

Shut off the hurt, stop the irregular twitch

It is screaming for silence

I walk towards the quiet room

Turn off the lights, close my eyes

While the thunderstorm passes

Flashing bolts of lightning cascading in jagged edges

Streaks of varied shades of blue and red, orange, yellow, too

Violet, grey, black, brown, and maroon

Hues of the prism I never knew could crash my mind so loudly

I must wait it out, wait for my brain to stand still

As the rain falls now to cleanse the pain away

Until it clears enough to see

I am resting, resting, while the storm goes by

It is a calming sea, I can stop and breathe

The worst has gone and I can move along

Towards more tranquil skies

(c) 2017. No Shrinking Violet. All Rights Reserved.


I heard it said we should never forget or always remember.

How can I forget what I need to recall?

I know it’s always on my mind, always in my heart

This feeling which comes closer than a knife, closer than a breaking

I know this aching which prevails in my life

It is waiting, anticipating for a moment to come to light

I won’t lose heart when the darkness draws near

I can’t give up once the words hit my ears

I need hope and courage to bear the weight

I can carry on, stand strong knowing I am not alone

Though the hour draws nigh, I won’t forfeit the fight

I will be strong and carry on, for I am not forsaken

I am not going to be shaken

I shall carry forth, with a song on my lips

Ready to take the worst and make the best of it

In the current circumstances, I shall walk on, staying calm

Knowing I am not alone

(c)2017. No Shrinking Violet. All Rights Reserved.



Help me sort out these random thoughts

I want to stop and shut them off

One by one, they flutter in, cluttering the uppermost spaces

I want to do so much, but there is no room

To do and be all I want sometimes

I can’t become thousands of faces

Molded in plaster cast, to fit each selection

I want to stop the unsettled matters

I am not Atlas, carrying the sky on my shoulders

I am not Wonder Woman

I cannot fix things as he sees fit

If he can’t see that I am not every woman

I won’t try to mold him as every man

He needs to understand my finite nature

I am not meant to fulfill that need

I am desperately seeking solace

Refuge from the scrutiny by my peers

These tears pour out of me

And I pray, God, strengthen my heart with Your seal

Though he may not comprehend it all

But he will at least see me

(c)2017. No Shrinking Violet. All Rights Reserved.

It’s not simple accessing the part of my mind

Which experiences technical difficulties

Won’t you please stand by

While I try to recall some part of my history

I attempt to search my memory banks, but to find them blank slates

Somewhere in the hard drive, there is some light of it

If you can harness it, then notify me

Since it is part of my life

Bear this one out by my side

Don’t leave me, dear friend

Calm your fears, assuage them

Since your apprehension won’t help me here

I need you to be a rock and resolve yourself

To stand by in this whirlpool of forgetfulness

Let me try to remind myself what is gone

And be able to move on

(c)2017. No Shrinking Violet. All Rights Reserved.

I don’t know why the rain is falling

So hard down upon my cheeks

It descends in cascades of terrible shades of violet

I wish I knew why the pain increases

I wish I could verbalize all the emotions swimming inside

I don’t know how to say or speak a thousand phrases

It remains a mystery, a frame of unfamiliar territory

I can’t place emphasis on where I am

But I know I am in the best of hands

Though I ache and scream at times

I realize in the end it will be something to tell

Which can help someone else

Thought I can’t see much of anything

Outside the tunnel vision of aching for the moment

I can’t be blinded by the pain,

but must focus on the way it runs

The way it runs deep

(c) 2017, No Shrinking Violet. All Rights Reserved.



Have I made it irrelevant, with my work?

Have I turned it into something obnoxious?

Have I competed with others for a voice?

Have I made it about the money, for profits in my pockets?

When I become all about my own gains, then make sure I step down

From this pulpit of shame; turn away from this work

Made a platform for my voiced opinions

My biased, my blackened obnoxious obsessions

Turn my eyes again towards the truth

That I may never forget what I am meant to do

Not in the eyes of the public spectacle

But in the presence of you, O Lord

What can I do to show you that i won’t?

To tell you that I don’t want to

To take you away from me

To stop dragging about your feet

as a child pouting so much over nothing

To stop harassing and haranguing on over the lost cause

Our love has not blossomed anymore

You have cut me out

You have shut me down

You are not a part of my world and I am not in yours

Yet you return like a dog to its pen

It is over and done with, goodbye

I can’t shed any more tears

You won’t get under my skin

Let me go, so long

Don’t write me letters in capital font on my phone

Fare thee well, adios, adieu, Ciao for a while now

Good bye; I can’t have you entering into my life

You have left mine so abruptly

I won’t be letting you dump in like a wind

Sailing this sea of adversity and strife

I won’t play the fool twice

So long, goodbye

You won’t speak the words for me

And I can’t respond the same for you

You are not within me and I not in your heart

Someday won’t come, so stick to the fact there is no resolution

Fare your well with mine, goodbye

(c) 2017. No Shrinking Violet. All Rights Reserved.