Turns my head down and inside out

Wish my heart was in sync with my mind

In a swirl of strange circumstances

Somehow I am not sure what to do

Maybe you can unravel the pieces

Swirled up within.

Maybe you will try to listen as I speak my mind

Don’t worry as I attempt to reach out

It is only for the best

Sit for a while and listen


(C) 2018. No Shrinking Violet.  All Rights Reserved.


Struggle in a tug of war

Mind and body raging up against a barracks

Twisting roots of indecision

Rinsing out the innocence of truth

Oh I am weary

Ready to collapse on the floor

Exhaustion creeping closer

Not sure my feet can hold up anymore

I want to lay down and rest

Finish fighting and drop my sword

If I had a moment to myself

I would bear the aches better

Hold on longer, longer in the dawn

But I need to keep focused

Stand my ground and cling to hope

Tomorrow shall come soon.


(C) 2019 No Shrinking Violet.  All Rights Reserved.

Wind, strong, howling,

Whipping back and forth.

Words torn from my mouth,

Silence is my comfort.

I am humbled in the wilderness,

Destructive beauty;

Wild, fierce, natural, catastrophic incredible destruction .

Tearing down the walls of my selfish security;

Need to be vulnerable and willing to release each piece of me;

Not cling so tightly with my fist, attempts to fix trifles ;

Impossible illusion which never gives me hope.

Will always have wind knock me out,

I must face my fears and be brave.


(C) 2018 No Shrinking Violet.  All Rights Reserved.




Red, red ribbons tied on the tree

Little reminders of love for you from me

Each year, I place a new one down,

awaiting you to come home safe and sound

Maybe, this time I will hear your footsteps at the door

Knocking until I awake to see your face once more

Scents of gingerbread and coffee

You standing  by the mistletoe and holly

Until then I shall anticipate that wonderful day

When you enter in, call to me and celebrate

We sent messages back and forth

My packages mailed out to your part of the world

Destination unknown,  yet hoping you receive them soon

Knowing in my heart of hearts how much I am missing you

Unsure yet ever hopeful; love wants to prevail

Snow falling into the road, the trees

Your voice on my phone echoing words of love for me

This Christmas in laughter and tears

Hopes and fears awaiting years when you are not here

It hurts when silence fills the skies

I do my best, putting in my best face

When I want to cry

Red, crimson ribbons tied to the tree

Little reminders of love

To you from me


(C) 2018. No Shrinking Violet.  All Rights Reserved.


Chilly weather,  huddle in the blankets

Keep warm and dry from the snow

Swirling spirals in the wind

Stillness sweep over the skies

Over the night and into the dawn

Look at the prospect of spring

One more sleep until it comes

(C) 2018. No Shrinking Violet.  All Rights Reserved.


Hey, Friends:

If you read my post, you might ask if I am releasing a book? To be brief, yes. I received plenty of compliments and feedback from this community. It seemed a good time to develop a book around my poetry. Since I have reached my 15 year anniversary with epilepsy,  what better way to share the journey than a book. It is in the editing process at the moment. I hope to post a sample soon and give you a reading! Stay tuned for more information on the book. Thank you for your support and reading the work. I appreciate each of you.

D’Amoretti Teddy Seussa



Necklace, courtesy Clavicle Havoc

I am the little bird with beating wings

Fluttering high upon the wind

Still learning how to sing

A beaky, swooping creature not quite graceful, yet brave

Ever hoping to land on my feet

As I keep flying in the air

(C) 2018. No Shrinking Violet.  All Rights Reserved

Torn up inside, unsure where I can go now.

It hurts when I see you again.

You blindsided me with two faces worn in deception,

Betrayed confidences so I have no hope of winning love anew.

Friendship becomes a solemn mockery;

You toy with it in power to enslave and trample on me.

I feel useless, bitterly disappointed at your affections.

How you taunted and debased the loving grace upon my face which displayed nothing but honest affections.

Yet I am awake to the reality,

That you never cared enough or were fair to want someone like me, willingly.

Your heart of stone’s a stumbling block

To cause a fall. Careful that you trip not on your own and drown yourself in the cold alone.

(C) 2018. No Shrinking Violet. All Rights Reserved.



I await you; one word and I stay or go.

You call to me and in a minute I consider the road.

Do I risk the task or make a fool of myself for not trying?

Do I lose my mind over trying to win you,

Or lose my heart to gain understanding?

In truth it is another dilemma; a crossroads where I endeavor,

Never quite sure if ever I can see you again.

I write as breath and send a message on hope and prayers,

Perhaps you may be there, waiting for me.

If you are not then it is a dream of the grandest illusion, meant to fool the biggest mind in the world.

Someone like I who stands not a chance

Only wiser in the end, brighter and bolder as diamonds in the sky.

You can’t stop me from listening and being alive

It is a beginning not the last drop of dawn

A Phoenix from the ashes so I rise.

(C) 2018. No Shrinking Violet. All Rights Reserved.